It's raining again!

Last week we didn't have the weather that you would expect for this time of the year. We had rain and we barely saw the sun. It didn't rain all day long but we had bad weather almost everyday.

It reminded me of the time I spent in Ireland a few years ago. I lived there for almost a year and I have to say it rained every single day that I was there except for four days! It was not raining heavily all the time but it would be drizzling at the very least... I was told that I picked the wrong year because it was an especially wet one, although there's no need to say that the weather is not the main attraction of Ireland.

I tried to avoid the rain the first weeks I spent there. I wouldn't go out if it was pouring rain unless I had lessons or had to go to work. Later on I realised that letting my plans depend on the rain was not a great idea. After that I would go out anyway but wearing all my gear: raincoat, waterproof shoes, umbrella... After a few months I came to the conclusion that the umbrella was pretty useless because of the wind so I started to reduce my gear.

Last week we were spending a quiet evening at home when it started to rain. I suggested going out for a walk in the rain! It was quite enjoyable but I think that the idea wouldn't have occurred to me before I went to Ireland. How things change!


Anonymous said...

When I read this, it brought back memories of when I first moved to Vancouver and had to live through rainy winters. I arrived in August and we had sunshine the whole month but then the rains came - I remember my friend, Ann (Joel's other aunt in Canada) phoning me one day to see what I was doing - I replied that I was staying in 'till the rain stopped. She informed me I'd be in all winter if I didn't go out in the rain!!
Another time my mother was visiting from England and I phoned her from work to see what she was doing - she replied she was waiting for the rain to stop as in England they have a saying "rain before 7, clear by 11" and it had been raining all morning. I informed her that didn't work in Vancouver - it could rain for days on end!

Cris said...

Thanks for sharing your memories, Sheila!
I found them amusing!